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"Cannot update the site 'mecinus' because it uses x64 worker process which is not allowed in target compute mode." I hate azure.

Just fixed a bug in an open source project that was fixed 4 days ago. Doh!

I bought a windmill to generate power for our cabin! :)

Norwegian stave churches er beautiful! I vistited 9 of them during my week off. Here's a picture from Borgund.

Playing with vimwiki. It's not org-mode, but I like it.

It turns out that my secret chocolate depot in the car was not a secret after all.

Doing som jQuery programming today. It's been a while...

Finally committed the last missing dialog for history management to my and client ncgopher :) The next release will be the first non-alpha.

My son wants to connect both a PS4 and his PC to the same pair of speakers. Any idea what kind of switch or mixer could be used for this? All input and outputs are 3.5mm. Like, the reverse of a headphone splitter.

Should I buy a Sony stereo from the 90s? Has anything happened the past 30 years besides streaming, bluetooth connectivity and digital radio? I guess that playing CDs, Minidiscs and vinyl still is the same.

Trying to set up emms in . Again. I've never really got emms. But I'm not giving up.

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