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I want a machine with an fvwm2 desktop. Wait, I have a spare machine...

Started playing BatMUD last week. Got a level 25 dwarf now :) I haven't played a proper MUD for over a decade...

The i3 window manager is the best piece of software ever written.

Porting a 15yo script from Perl to Rust. Digital archeology.

Woke up at 4am only to pour a cup of hot coffee over my feet. Let that sink.

"Cannot update the site 'mecinus' because it uses x64 worker process which is not allowed in target compute mode." I hate azure.

Just fixed a bug in an open source project that was fixed 4 days ago. Doh!

I bought a windmill to generate power for our cabin! :)

Norwegian stave churches er beautiful! I vistited 9 of them during my week off. Here's a picture from Borgund.

Playing with vimwiki. It's not org-mode, but I like it.

It turns out that my secret chocolate depot in the car was not a secret after all.

Doing som jQuery programming today. It's been a while...

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