Finished todays adventofcode just before bedtime. Nice!

@kensanata My bad. I discovered a bug i ncgopher. seems to be the only server I know of that _requires_ '\r\n', while all the others work with '\n'. '\r\n' is, of course, correct according to RFC1436. Weird that I did not catch this bug before...

@kensanata For some reason I was able to open the main page with lynx. All other clients I tried failed.

@kensanata I have difficulties accessing your gopher server. All I get is an empty response. Is the address correct?

@aujawindar Det kan godt ha noe med Gnome Γ₯ gjΓΈre. sier: "To support screenshotting, screencasting and screensharing for example in Web Browsers pipewire is required in addition to one of the Desktop specific xdg-desktop-portal packages." SΓ₯ det virker jo som om det er mulig, selv om det ikke fungerer ut av boksen.

@aujawindar Vi bruker Slack pΓ₯ jobben. Jeg fΓ₯r bare delt en svart skjerm. MΓ₯ vel tilbake til Xorg, der funka alt som det skulle.

@aw Thanks for the interesting input! I agree that ncgopher could be more minimal.

@fla That's impressive. Unfortunately, I had to return my FP2 twice, once to replace the whole phone and once for a screen replacement. Gave up when it broke the third time, as I had to pay customs duty fees each time I recieved the replacements - ending up with a 750 EUR not-working phone. Sees like you got more lucky.

11 is now running perfectly on my work machine. Restored all important files from my restic backup after install. Case closed.

@da I've tried Fedora before, but I want a system based on .deb-packages. But Fedora is a great distribution, no doubt.

@parisni Every few months my system doesn't boot anymore, no partitions found. I never found out what the problem was, but reverting to a 5.4 kernel seemed to help in a quirky way. Otherwise Manjaro/Arch is a great system, no doubt. Nevertheless, I want a system with no moving parts _for work_. My personal machine is something different of course.

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