Version 0.1.3 of my is released now. Dark mode, external programs for telnet and html, improved navigation and tons of bug fixes!

@ayushsharma22 I've been using syncthing for a couple of years, but had a Drobox for historic reasons. Most files are change only at one source (like backup of mobile photos), so there I don't have many conflicts. Other than that I use it to sync my org-files/text-files across machines. Had some conflicts, but those were easily solved. Pretty happy so far!

Cleaned up my dropbox. That is, moved the files to a syncthing folder.

After all these years I still enjoy the moment when I wipe out the preinstalled windows on a new PC and install on the first boot. So satisfying.

@hund The oldest blog-entry I could find is from December 2003, but this was not my first gentoo machine: :-)

Ooooh, gentoo. Sweet. I used it for quite a while almost 20 years ago - long before systemd :) Not sure if this is something for my work machine though, and my personal notebook runs FreeBSD which I'm quite happy with. But I'll take a look at the handbook. Promise!

@hund Yep. Arch/Manjaro. Say no more. Still don't know what happened. The machine crashed (!) while updating the system...

Started the day with my /boot partition wiped out. Why???

when you find out your daily lifestyle is actually called "quarantine"

@solderpunk @julienxx Ooooh, Window Maker brings back good memories. And fvwm2 before that. But nowadays I use i3 as well.

@tomasino Plus, I didn't meet a lot of people there. Spent the time mostly taking analog photos, eating fika and reading science fiction. But I visisted the Nordic Watercolour Museum (, so I might pick up painting watercolour pictures... :)

@tomasino Sounds good, I should check it out. With mullvad, you can use any openvpn or wireguard client, but they also have an app. I can't complain about speed, but I have not tried it on my router or on a pi-hole though.

I've written an -based client in . Though it's still in alpha, you can give it a try at
Also, feature requests are welcome! See the file for planned features.

Back from a trip to Gothenburg. I didn't know that ExpressVPN was so expensive. Which features do you like best?

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