Just pushed gemini client certificate support for ncgopher. Feedback and comments are highly appreciated! Download at My plant at Astrobotany has been growing for a while now gemini:// :)

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@mecinus I just built ncgopher in openbsd - no problems at all. I'll take some time to explore it and send you notes of anything I find if you like.

nice plant :)

@mecinus Been a/b'ing & on my Thinkpad x270 running Openbsd and I gotta say man, your app is a lot of fun to use! Nice job 👍

Took me a moment to find dark mode - which is AWESOME btw, very nice feature to implement.

From a basic ux/ui standpoint diving into & space with ncgopher has been effortless and pleasant.

I enjoy the small web so I'll keep playing with it. I'm not a rust guru but I'll dive into the source - I'm sure there's lots there I can learn from.

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