@kensanata I have difficulties accessing your gopher server. All I get is an empty response. Is the address correct?

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@mecinus yeah, something is wrong. 😨
Individual pages still work, but at least the main page is busted.

@kensanata For some reason I was able to open the main page with lynx. All other clients I tried failed.

@mecinus when I’m back home I’ll check – perhaps something about the \r\n

@kensanata My bad. I discovered a bug i ncgopher. seems to be the only server I know of that _requires_ '\r\n', while all the others work with '\n'. '\r\n' is, of course, correct according to RFC1436. Weird that I did not catch this bug before...

@mecinus Yeah, I think the reason it ended up being so strict is that my Gopher service is now being handled by an add-on to the Gemini service, and that one was tested by gemini-diagnostics. I did not value judge the test results and just made it stricter whenever gemini-diagnostics required it – including the EOL convention. Sorry about that. I noticed that @jk’s Lagrange on iOS also doesn’t handle it correctly.

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