I consider to replace with on my work machine cause I'm fed up with things getting broken all the time. Also, who needs the latest version of software all the time?

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@mecinus can you elaborate on things broken all the time. I don’t have such experience

@parisni Every few months my system doesn't boot anymore, no partitions found. I never found out what the problem was, but reverting to a 5.4 kernel seemed to help in a quirky way. Otherwise Manjaro/Arch is a great system, no doubt. Nevertheless, I want a system with no moving parts _for work_. My personal machine is something different of course.

@mecinus still with kernel 4.x on my side with manjaro. I also experienced problem with python or postgres but after some experience I just manage to pin versions. Overall pretty happy having fresh of soft for security reason.

@mecinus Try Fedora. Newish software, but not quite as bleeding edge.

@da I've tried Fedora before, but I want a system based on .deb-packages. But Fedora is a great distribution, no doubt.

@mecinus I don't believe I've ever heard anyone say they prefer/want .deb packages before. I guess some third-parties only deliver .debs still? Lots of software are available cross-distro at FlatHub nowadays. I get passed off by the package Debianification in the Debian repos. Upstream documentation doesn't always match what happens in .debs. I switched from the Debuntu world to Fedora to use a distro with a policy of staying close to upstream with few patches and modifications.

@mecinus That's pretty weird, I find it very stable. Also I love latest everything

@mecinus I go back and forth all the time. Currently on Manjaro.

Yep ... I also like that my personal and work machines _always_ boot up when I need them. And I need working SW, not the newest one. That is why I ditched everything else and stick with #debianstable.

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