My son wants to connect both a PS4 and his PC to the same pair of speakers. Any idea what kind of switch or mixer could be used for this? All input and outputs are 3.5mm. Like, the reverse of a headphone splitter.

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@mecinus *If* he's connecting both to the same monitor then most monitors have a 3.5mm jack for HDMI audio out. You can plug this into line-in on the PC then deal with it in Pulse (assuming Linux, but should be easy to deal with regardless of OS).

Not sure if TVs have that HDMI audio out, not had one for a long time.

@mecinus The problem with just splitting it is that I've found that you get really shitty audio from consoles when it's unamplified. Don't know about the PS4 specifically though.

@uoou right now, he uses two pairs of speakers, so anything else will be an improvement (pluss, I get my speakers back)

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