@mecinus nice! I was wondering, though: Why do you set the SHELL env variable after Tramp? Why use eval after load after a require? Why require Tramp in the first place? I just use C-x C-f //ssh:somename: and it works… maybe I need to check my config again; at the moment I think it’s being auto loaded by that extra slash.

@kensanata You are absolutely right: eval-after-load is not necessary! Not sure why I require tramp. Might be a relict from an old emacs config of mine.

@mecinus you say that ace mode helps you move around. How do? I use C-s and C-r to move around. Perhaps that can be improved? πŸ˜„

@mecinus zeal sounds interesting. I have cperl-perldoc bound to C-h f in Perl mode but definitely lack good lookup for Python!

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