Trying to set up emms in . Again. I've never really got emms. But I'm not giving up.

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@kensanata Thanks! I saw your post on which inspired me to try emms once more. I use evil mode and I'm struggling a bit with key bindings. Also, I try to access my library through mpd, which does not quite work (I can't choose which song to play, but start/stop works)

@mecinus Well, the way I use it is from dired. That creates a playlist from the the directory I selected and starts playing. Then I call M-x emms and get the *emms* buffer with the current playlist. Up and down and Enter are what allows me to pick songs, then. But that only works once all the songs you want are in your playlist.
How do you use it?

@kensanata Hmm. Right now, I'm not able to add songs to the playlist, so I'm a bit stuck. I'll give it another try soon. My other emacs files are in my dotfiles repository:

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