My Tungsten T has arrived! Missing: org-mode integration :)

@mecinus if you can even figure out how to sync this with Linux in some way then you shall be my hero, I have to run an XP virtual machine for mine. If you get org-mode integration then I might faint!

@Thoradin Sync works fine with pilot-xfer on Arch/Manjaro: pilot-xfer -s ~/PalmOS/backup/ -p /dev/ttyUSB0 Just make sure our user is a member of the uucp-group ("sudo gpasswd -a [USER] uucp" to add). What distro are you using?

@mecinus last time I attempted sync I was using lubuntu. I followed a guide I found online but couldn’t get things working.
I have since moved to Manjaro, I just kept my XP virtual machine and transferred that over too.
Thank you for posting this, I’ll give it a try later and see if I can get it working. Palm desktop is the only reason I keep this VM around.

@Thoradin I use manjaro, too. Installing software, syncing works perfectly. Press the sync button and run the pilot-xfer command. Se for more documentation

@mecinus thanks again for the help. Hopefully by the end of the day I can delete that VM

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