this is what it means, reclaim the internet. πŸ˜€


it rocks! I searched for "virus" and got what I was hoping for: "Outbreak". However, "daisy" didn't get me "Driving Miss Daisy". ;)

Well done, thanks. Linked to it from gopher://serf.jpmens.net

// @cstrotm

@jpmens @cstrotm Thanks! And thank you for the link. If I try to search for "Daisy" on IMDb, I also get "Deadpool 2" as a first hit. That's at least consistent.

@mecinus :flan_cool: Very cool and well done ! Is the code available somewhere?

@clematis Sure! I've uploaded the rather unimpressive code to github: github.com/jansc/gmdb Pull requests welcome :)

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