Sadly, is closing end of October 2022. My new account is Hope to see you there!

Thanks for all the effort you put into this instance, @ashfurrow!

Planning to move from Digital Ocean to Vultr. This seems like a good time to automate my setup. Is ansible the way to go for a setup?

Spilled coffee into the trackpad of my work laptop, and it turns out I did not take a backup of my VPN config in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections, so I won't be able to connect to the company network from another machine either. Good start 😠

Watching Adam Savage sorting electronic components in his shop on youtube. Which reminds me of me having to finish building my shop.

Every time I turn on my wireless speaker, it starts playing Spyro Gyra. Not sure why, but I'm not going to fight it.

BeReal has become my personal art project. I'm posting photos daily to the social network, but I don't know any people using BeReal, so my posts are not visible to anybody. Antisocial it is.

Rewrote the backend for my news aggregator at The app is now written in , but the part that fetches the feeds is still python. Never got friend with cl-feedparse

@mecinus Been a/b'ing & on my Thinkpad x270 running Openbsd and I gotta say man, your app is a lot of fun to use! Nice job 👍

Took me a moment to find dark mode - which is AWESOME btw, very nice feature to implement.

From a basic ux/ui standpoint diving into & space with ncgopher has been effortless and pleasant.

I enjoy the small web so I'll keep playing with it. I'm not a rust guru but I'll dive into the source - I'm sure there's lots there I can learn from.

Just pushed gemini client certificate support for ncgopher. Feedback and comments are highly appreciated! Download at My plant at Astrobotany has been growing for a while now gemini:// :)

I miss Borland's Turbo Vision. Luckily, there is a modern cross-platform port with Unicode support: ++

I'm looking for a raspberry pi 3 or 4 with ethernet, but they seem to be completely sold out in Norway. Any ideas where I can order one, preferably in Europe?

Released version 0.4.0 of the TUI and client ncgopher with vim-like search in pages and lots of other improvements and bugfixes.

Tried to upgrade my VPS to FreeBSD 13, but went out of diskspace in the process. Now I'm wondering why I didn't take a snapshot before the upgrade. Bummer.

Finished todays adventofcode just before bedtime. Nice!

@kensanata I have difficulties accessing your gopher server. All I get is an empty response. Is the address correct?

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