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@mdszy Sounds like the kind of thing that's 2 tiers deep in a Crusader Kings 3 tooltip.

"i know what to call this tool for wifi shit, wpa_supplicant, everyone will know wtf that means"

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can we get a hell yeah for the mastotech admin staff being great and keeping this place running

4.5 years of spanish classes have given me uhhh, the ability to read memes that my argentinian friend sends me


so many techshits think that everything is a mathematical proof, that one counterexample invalidates an entire argument

it's so frustrating and dumb lmao

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The ICAO code for the Ufa International Airport in Bashkortostan, Russia is UWUU

how many civ games have been played where someone names their religion "covid" do you think

if it's not profitable, i simply don't do it, therefore i literally never take a shit

also my birthday is just a few days before halloween lol

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i love skeletons but dont particularly care for halloween so this time of year is awkward for me

the website has a big BLM bit at the top of the page and i love to think about how many piece of shit techbros foamed at the mouth super hard at that

there's one phrase i did not expect to see on the wikipedia page for "Traffic calming" (i.e. the name for devices like speed bumps) 

"According to right wing libertarian economic commentator"

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aw jeez aw fuck left a beer in the freezer too long and now it's half slush lmao

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i used to play dota occasionally with this guy who was like, <2k rating and he stopped playing with my group because he raged at our 5k offlaner one game for doing a high level character pick he didnt understand. for context 2k was like, 50th percentile and 5k was like top 2% of players at the time

anyway i checked his account a couple months ago out of curiosity. 8000 hours logged and he is in the bottom 20% of players

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