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i am ANNOYED and IRRITATED so i am going to make CINNAMON ROLLS

covid, wipol 

when do yall think @jackdaw_ruiz will mess up and post a non grayscaled image

shop talk 

shop talk 

shop talk 

i should write some kind of script to autodownload new posts from that dummy twitter acct i made for saving switch screenshots

booze, covid 

holy shit fuck gas is cheap rn

2.15 for 93

regular is like 1.45

at Costco, granted

but holy fucking shit

specifically chosing my route home to avoid highway dot matrix signs that might say spooky shit, as a bit

Covid, silly 

love all these techbro medium articles using badly sourced data and wrong graphs to disprove that we should worry or indeed do anything at all and then have them be dispelled the very next day

they were always doing this, it just turns out that the current crisis is a much immediate and apparent refutation than what they usually get

python source code 

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