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"hacker" "news" users that say "that would be unfair to companies..." get the guillotine

just another hard day's work at the voluntelling factory

Serial Display Name Changer has gone the fuck to sleep


fun fact 

nice turns out

you can block javascript on Android chrome

and on a per site basis

fuck you diffords guide thinking your copyright means I can't copy paste your text you absolute dipshits

food/meat pic - curry adventures, finale 

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seriously @bclindner I'm gonna get some mileage outta this one thank you

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because it's 2020 why are we still using numeric codes for adding people on our bimeo glames

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okay honestly did someone make some kind of decision at nintendo like thirty years ago that made it such that if they use ANYTHING OTHER Than numeric codes for identifying users across their systems, things are going to fucking break horribly?

"Roses are orange
Violets are blue
What would we do without great supporters like YOU?

Thank you for showing your love for the University of Wisconsin-Platteville."

except i haven't given you fuckshits a penny and i wont, so go away thanks

geting one of the communist broadband bit did not archive :thonk: curious

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