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The key words "MAY", "RECOMMENDED", and "SHOULD" in this memo are to be interpreted as described in ERROR: Undefined target: RFC2119.

can i stop fucking spending too much time trying to figure out why the fuck shit isn't working only to find out it's because the trial expired and apparently some stuff breaks as expected but some stuff works like normal

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:drake_dislike: venture capitalists

:drake_like: robber barons who can get the guillotine

imagine thinking twitter is good when there's literally a website created for the purpose of blocking vc's from ever showing up in your feed because that's necessary

guess i'll have to do this at home because unsurprisingly doesn't like this sorta thing

todo: make a bot that, given a domain name, searches for it on namecheap and screenshots the first result with the price and stuff

lol seems like inductive still hasn't fixed the bug with putting parameter references in SQL comments

hot take 

hot take 

:drake_dislike: hoarding fedi profiles by signing up on a ton of instances

:drake_like: hoarding fedi profiles by creating a ton of instances with stupid domain names

ebay email: "today's the day to treat yourself to something awesome"

there is zero chance that "something awesome" i would treat myself to would be from ebay unless it was an incredibly expensive piece of test equipment i guess

slowly chipping away at the ignition screens telling me everything is fucked and broken

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