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someone stop me from buying a bigass pork roast and making pulled pork again fuck

you know

the fact that babish is preparing this pulled pork basically the exact same way i did completely on a whim

is making me the happiest person rn

food, meat 

ngl i've considered going full cue-ball and just shaving off all my hair completely

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there's probably typos and it's probably worded horribly because my stream of consciousness typing is basically unintelligible

"like a trackball computer mouse from the 90's, remember those, those were a thing, briefly"

yes babish and they're still a thing among people who enjoy having wrists

love when cooking videos say "at your local asian/japanese/whatever grocery"

yeah i live in wisconsin what the fuck is this

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you know indeed i have enough of a brain to know that when you say "action is required", i don't actually have to do anything and there are zero consequences for not doing anything is totally going to be where i shove random shit like that

decided to treat myself to *$ this morning and it was obnoxiously busy

i forgot they had some promo going on where if you order a certain something you get a free reusable mug of some kind

apparently what i bought didn't qualify


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holy shit i'm down from 12k posts to 8k because of autodeletion


a strange feeling

now that i have my posts set to autodelete i should probably write more stuff and put it on my site for a more permanent spot for some of my thoughts on certain things that odds are nobody cares about but hey w/e

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