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but now there's the fact that thingworx is super stupid with how expressions in UI stuff works

you can define simple expression functions for various things

and one thing i want to do is take a shift number and generate a string using this code

"This Shift (" + shift + ")"

NORMALLY expression functions simply return whatever they evaluate to

but this one doesn't work and literally whenever i try to set the expression to use that code, it literally doesn't even save

i have no idea why


which wasn't even something i even considered having to do, but given the way this is all set up it was real easy to do

not to suck my own dick or anything but

ngl i'm pretty satisfied with myself when it comes to how flexible i've made this whole thingworx system

like i had the maximum on one gauge set at a fixed value, but pseudo-boss said how there's a calculated theoretical maximum that depends on a few factors, and that value is available from the PLC

so i just simply bound a value over from the PLC into what sets the gauge max and then yay dynamic gauge maximum limit ezpz


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creating a locale that uses colons as thousands separators and semicolons as the decimal separator

var mashupName = type === "RW" ? "ModuleStatus2Gauges.CI" : "ModuleStatus.CI";

var mashupWidth = mashupName === "ModuleStatus2Gauges.CI" ? 700 : 300;

man i sure love my ternary operators

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highs this weekend are all in the 40F range


day 1 of commuting without a plate because i'm a dingus: did not get pulled over on my way to work, nice

not to totally ebeg but just sayin'

i've got a liberapay to help fund the stuff i host like and and and yeah all that stuff

so hey

if ya like that stuff and feel like it


well that's nice

work laptop bluescreened after i tried to shut it down last night, but didn't notice

so it's been sitting here bluescreened, fans at max, for like 13 hours


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i want to close a bunch of memeforth issues but work has me in no mood to touch javascript

me when singing along to music that is currently playing: on key, sounding real good

me when trying to sing without music playing: time to tracheotomy this motherfucker

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