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filteredRoles = [ role for role in allRoles if role not in rolesFilter ]
checkedRoles = [ role for role in filteredRoles if role in self.getSibling("RolesList").props.params.selectedRoles ]

the semantic saturation is real

tfw you thought you had a program focused and you type but it doesn't show up

turns out it wasn't focused and it's like

where the shit did my input go?

he took that offer, but said he's more than happy to pay full price for any extras, and ended up buying three kits in total!

super excited, ezpz $34 made!

super happy

this guy asked me if my ebay's vacation mode was accurate, i told him it was, and i should be back after this past weekend when i have all my supplies again

got my supplies, re opened the store, and offered the guy a $2 discount on one of my nixie breakout kits for his patience, i also said if he wants more than one kit, to feel free to leave an offer for the discounted amount and I'll accept it


Whoop, made my first ebay sale since moving back, yay!

Look at this point it's just on a popular electronics forum I frequent

gonna keep appealing until they physically prevent me from spending money on parts, circuit boards, and time designing something, I'm happy

and the top level has general statistics for all languages/users

all these statistics would ideally just be text/markdown and could be generated by a script that scans all the files for each attempt, and tests could verify that the code actually completes the challenge, etc.

had an idea for a "community code golf" repo format

would be set up like this

1. The repo is associated with a specific golf challenge, for instance, an RPN calculator

2. At the top level are directories for each language

3. Within each language is a directory for each person who attempts the challenge and contained within is their code and any supporting documentation, explanations, etc.

Each language directory has a file that has the stats for each user's attempt (cont'd)

Ooooh, everyone's in favor of saving Hitler's brain, but when you put it in the body of a great white shark, suddenly you've gone too far!

I'm real glad that I don't really mind eating the same thing multiple days in a row

Makes cooking for myself so easy

can't log into with any mobile clients i've tried for some reason


"I received your inquiry that you are looking to sell your ENI Power Systems ACG-10T Plasma Generator and after discussion with my buyers they informed me that we would not have any interest in this item."


oh boy oh boy had to make a forum post about how the shit to do something in ignition's scripting that should just be fucking documented


give us goddamn documentation for something as basic as adding a role to a user via a script


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