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i legitimately miss compiz effects when i boot into my windows partition

"i need to get a usb 3.0 hub because i actually have a compy with usb 3.0 now"

"oh wait i don't have any devices that are usb3.0 except my phone which i literally only connect to my computer to charge"


"i have three monitors so i can be more productive"

he says as he devotes one entire monitor to Always Sunny while he does other productive things

oh boy i get to see what my paystub will be tomorrow which means i can see how little i made given that i had to take unpaid time off last week because C L O S U R E

i think for some of the faults like both lim switches being on, it makes sense to continue to be FAULTED

but for instance, there is a fault that could occur if the door fails to close (which is not unheard of, since these doors have those IR interruption detectors) and that one definitely makes sense where if the fault is acknowledged, just return to the OPEN state and let the user try to close the door again

hm i've worked myself into a bit of a corner

if the door is FAULTED and we acknowledge the fault, but the (or any other) fault condition is still present, should it:

1. stay in the FAULTED state until the fault is physically handled
2. go into an UNKNOWN state where we don't know wtf is going on, but no longer FAULTED

honestly many of these faults will probably not ever happen in real life (like both limit switches being pressed in, which would mean the door is open and closed at the same time) but still

i literally never saw the purpose of enums until I had to make state machines in my HARDWARE DIGITAL LOGIC CLASSES doing programming in vhdl/verilog


tfw im creating a robust fault system for garage door state detection using limit switches

hoorj, made a pretty decent little state machine in arduino to actually keep track of the state (open, closed, opening, closing, faulted, unknown) of a garage door based on two limit switches that represent if it's fully open or fully closed


really need to get myself a whole bunch of random jellybean logic chips

if your charting library makes chrome think it's going to run out of memory it's probably really really bad

cannot fuckin W A I T for whatever the new ignition charting stuff is

god fuck amcharts is a performance fucking nightmare

imagine being an electrical engineer and having to regularly use chrome dev tools at your job

the amount of times i run into limitations in ignition that keep me from being able to do what i want to do is astounding

the devs must hate how much i keep asking in the forums "how can i do this" and the only thing they can say is "you can't" lol

yes someone just walked past my cube carrying a wailing baby

i want to be dead

why in the ever living fuck do i hear a crying baby

this is an office



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