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it's been deleted but nope, we're gonna respond to it folks! this is receipts worthy of taking note of! death threat and eye contact in avatar cw for said receipts.

@slightlyflightyone did you not notice that vestal is also part of the queer community? and more than that...

they're part of the queer community that is under the queer term of latinx?

this is not allyship.

this is you being an oppressor. massively so. the fact that you can't help yourself when you see someone disagreeing with you and therefore they must kill themselves? this is toxicity in the extreme.

this is you being a colonizer who thinks the uppity non-whites deserve to die for the sin of not agreeing with you about how they define their identity.

the fact that you think this is anywhere near okay shows that not only are you dealing with massive racism, but you're so fucking racist, your first thought when you see a poc doing something you disagree with is "time to kill them!!!".

you are the problem with mastodon right now. you are the poster child for why poc do not feel safe here.

why would they, when you decide they need to be killed and tell them so?

i highly doubt i'm going to sway you, but at everyone else seeing this - come get your receipts lol, absolutely save this moment in your mind. this is the type of "ally" that this person is. this is the type of "anarchist" this person is. this is the type of "feminist" this person is.

don't let the cute little details like "i live in portland which was stolen from this tribe!" and "i put these buzzwords in my bio!" fool you. this is the quality of @slightlyflightyone 's character. remember who she is, because she is telling us all exactly who she is by doing this.

the only buzzword in that bio that's turned out true is "settler", because boy howdy this is some colonialism dickery in the extreme.

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so apple is advertising their new watches as using 100% recycled tungsten and rare earth metals however in small font print, about 10% the size of what they're announcing it says "in the taptic engine" which for those of you that don't speak apple marketing is literally just the vibration motor.

kinda considering doing an account migration on this profile but,,,,,

migrating to the same instance, just with a different username lmao

today is one of those days where im just waiting out the end of the workday

is it weird of me to get mildly worried when i see a fuckin email from my energy company with the subject line "Customer Connection" thinking that might have something to do with,,, ya know,,,,, my actual connection to their physical infrastructure and not some stupid newsletter nobody gives a fuck about

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A script that corrects the word "maker" into "guy who does arts and crafts"

"Maker space" = craft room

"Maker ethos" = enthusiasm for arts and crafts

"Maker fair" = craft expo

None of this shit is revolutionary, it's just stuff that your grandmas have always done. You are the newcomer. It's not any less arts-and-crafts just because it involves a 3D printer now.

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How does a platform with filters and account muting constantly have so much cw discourse?

minor injury mention (not me), curious question 

@ischade oh interesting, thanks!

a late clarification that i kept forgetting

i did actually get warned, i was wrong

but because of how "hacker" "news" is set up like a dumpster fire, those warnings were all buried in threads i had stopped reading multiple days ago at the time

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@cdmnky also im definitely not the first one to do it, it kinda originates from n-gate.com

@cdmnky no joke i have a keyboard macro set up so typing hackernews becomes "hacker" "news"


oh god oh fuck my hn account banning post got boosted again lmfao

rip my notifs

me: i'm going to maintain multiple fediverse accounts that are separate names/characters and that aren't clearly linked in any way except for when i occasionally mention that they're both me

also me: im going to be very anxious and apologetic when it comes to anyone not realizing that they're both me, because i feel like i've misled them and i've been burned by people *purposefully* using alts to mislead me into thinking im talking to someone new, so i do not want to even accidentially do that to someone

minor injury mention (not me), curious question 

ok so like

yknow the common aesthetic of having a small bandage over the bridge of a character's nose

why is that a thing

i dont quite understand what minor injury commonly happens enough to make a nose-bridge bandage necessary for it

@clarjon1 @mhmd lmao

it'd be a little tower server honestly, not some big rackmount thing

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