@trickster also hot take the chinese jammer music kinda slaps

@trickster lmao

idk why this came to mind but figured it'd be perfect for one of those posts

i've heard this station before usually when using the University of Twente SDR (websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/)

it's a powerful enough station that it can be heard as far as NL, very clearly in fact, and it's really weird when you can sometimes hear the muffled sounds of the actual broadcast under the chinese jammer music

doing the 'post a random wiki article to "hacker" "news"' thing, as a bit

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uhh, let me guess, Docker is datamining my shit after deities because i'm pretty sure there's an 80lbs rackmount server in the meantime.

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one, two, three four five
Jack is making blockchain Twitter and I hope he dies

@trickster yeah i agree it's a good idea

but the way people go on and on about how it's obviously the most perfect thing it's like jesus christ calm down we get it you're a """hacker""" who doesn't like people

@bclindner just make all your life decisions with your employer in mind

"hacker" "news"

"I work about 3 minutes walking from home and it's amazing. Just move close to where you work!"

because that makes fucking sense

@trickster no but it meets 2/3: no syntax highlight and light theme

writing all my code in notepad, as a bit

@trickster inb4 the compiler checks your editor settings and if you have syntax highlighting on, it refuses to compile

how much of "hacker" "news" perpetual circlejerk over remote work can be attributed to the fact that they're all bitches who hate having to look other people in the face

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