aaa friend is visiting tomorrow so that's fun

but now i have to clean my apartment

also omg my bread is baking and it smells SO GOOD

god damn masto's column size makes the text wrapping fuck that up entirely

now that im away from B A D S C R E E N i can get back to G O O D S C R E E N

The fact that a npm is a startup is completely baffling

Are there any other fucking PACKAGE MANAGERS that are considered startups and not just open source projects?

the names of these named queries are getting obnoxious


maybe i need to do that thing where i write down things i want and then look at it at week or two later and see if i still want them and if so buy them

@trickster can do what

responsibly not spend my money on something i dont need rn

or blow my money on something i really really want rn


oh my gooooooooood

the national parks field notes books are TOO GORGEOUS

but at this very moment i REALLY dont want to spend $40 on notebooks


@OTheB i've been staring at the word practically all day rofl

i just now realized what strftime and strptime are

STRing Format time
and STRing Parse time


@robey yeah

i know

java is what's used to make components

which can contain js and html and shit

but java is still the main sdk language

comparing times where the start time is AFTER the end time is super fun

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