can i change my name to the name of a metal band and yes it has to be typeset like one

@bclindner its ok brian i still love you ❤️

i mean realtalk goodness knows i have a problem with being explainy sometimes so

@faho "Hello, CPS? I have an anonymous tip to make..."

@bclindner jeez gosh ur just so ready to assume that im a complete idiot and dont know how things work come on brian ur so mean :((((((

@bclindner time to request a mastotech dump before i get yeeted by brian fucking up and dropping the whole instance



sudden urge to make that Fred Armisen Playing The Dictator in that Parks and Rec scene where he lists off all the reasons people go to jail except it's all the reasons i would slap people with banhammers if i ran a fedi instance that was actually not a tiny little thing (and would probably get a lot of people to hate me for doing so)

@trickster @bclindner like ngl if in some hypothetical universe y.s was in any way similar to here i'd just straight up ban a mfer for doing that lmaoooo

@bclindner jeez did you nuke the thread already or did i just not see it

@bclindner make ur automod instaban anyone if the "Application string" is the crossposter? :^)

very much appreciate that this coworker is asking for features but is also like "this is totally good for what we want to demo, but this is something we'll want eventually"

fuck i should be doing this differently this is Not Great

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