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@rfox @fool @bclindner i want yall to know that you made my night fucking incredible

goodnight ❤️

@fool absolute slaps

and "Dobson" freaked me the hell out because one of the res halls on my college campus was called Dobson


vidya would involve playing some r6 siege and fuck he barks shit at me like im supposed to know whats going on when i dont and its not enjoyable but shit he's a great dude and i can't wait for when he's here and we can hang out and shit

firend who is moving here in winter just asked to play vidya

meanwhile im

1. way too drunk
2. going to bed soon
3. not interested in playing viday with him because fuck he's an incredible person and I LOVE Hanging out with him but shit he takes the vidya way toos eriously

@rfox @fool @bclindner that's it, i'm convinced i'm gonna be happy at work tomorrow and that's gonna involve listening to music even though offical company policy ™️ is that we're only supposed to listen to shit with one earbud if it's training material but fuckem im gonna enjoy the eight hours of my fucking life i'm supposed to be stuck in a goddamn cube

@rfox @fool @bclindner i have some serious hot takes about hotline miami 2 but yeah i totally feel the hotline miami energy

word of warning to any of you that i will ever possibly meet in real life

i will hug you

there is no getting around this

you will be hugged


@rfox @fool @bclindner unironically this is the first death grips i've actually listened to lets go

mfw i get to listening to incredible driving music

and then think of driving up on the chicago skyline, set out on the best road trip of my life with my best friends ever

not even remembering what i was listening to at the time

but remembering that i'm pretty certain that i was the happiest person on this earth at that moment

and crying for the car that i was in that i sold

@fool @bclindner @rfox yeah i'm not gonna and i'd leave the garage door open but fuck thats a slapper too

@bclindner @fool @rfox fyck you guys IM CRYING BECAUSE I MISS THE LESABRE NOWDAMMIT

@bclindner @fool @rfox i almost jjust want to litearlly walk out to my car and sit in my garage and not even run the fucking thing and just jam in the car not even moving oh my god


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