when people actually look at ur website for a change

fedi plays mork's bar 

jesus christ why are sites reporting that musk hit a "bollard" with the cybertruck this [1] is a fucking bollard, they STOP vehicles

from the look of the video, it looks like he hit one of THESE [2]

NOT a bollard ffs

musk is shitty and makes a ton of garbage claims and is as shitty of a billionaire as the rest of them but ffs can news outlets stop the bullshit

i love how for some reason thermoworks always sends two "order fulfilled" emails

i dont know why but this documentation page has cursor: all-scroll on images

who needs web usability

let's just load a fuckin 3.7 MB header background image where the normal background is white and grey text is on top of it, making the site entirely unreadable until the background image is fully loaded

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