okay my mind is currently being blown by something @clarjon1 just shared with me

this is some of the most bonkers shit i've ever seen in my life

"yeah im having to move to pixel-perfect locations in order to do code injection in mario, so why dont i just fuckin do some OTHER code injection to make the coin counter show my current x position which is important for this"



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@mdszy And it's not done with a tool for injection. It's inputs done by hand, which blows my mind.

@shadowfacts @clarjon1 i hate that i hadn't heard of him before lmao

time to be very entertained for a while

@mdszy @shadowfacts He also has a lot of minecraft shenanigans

like building a camera that uses raytracing to take a "photo" of an area in game and putting it onto a map

Or tons of minigames

@mdszy If you want to start getting really deep into weird ACE shit in games, check out all of the stuff you can do with Gen I Pokemon games without any external tools. This one in particular is pure insanity:

And here's a general reference guide:

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