ooooooh self driving car discourse!!

"self driving cars will be the only things legal on the road in a few years!!!" says the silicon valley dweller who doesn't know what the fuck snow is

says the silicon valley dweller who basically only drives on interstates and roads not completely ripped to shit by frost/thaw cycles and who has no idea what the fuck a country road with no centerline is

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self driving cars will never work in a capacity that normally-driven cars can be completely replaced


unless you decided to rip up all of the existing roads in the world and somehow embed fancy pantsy RFID tracking shit or whatever so the cars can stay on the road

and if you do that, congratulations, you just invented trains but worse

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the two camps of self driving car advocates:

- insisting that it is physically possible for a car with sensors to traverse every single possible situation humans can/do drive in

- reinventing trains from first principles

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