did you know

CD-ROM's (and i'm sure other types of CD's) could be in any shape, not just circles

the only limitation is that you couldn't use all of the surface, only a continuous circle from the center

@mdszy the other limitation is that these will destroy the inside of your optical drive

@mdszy yep, although I'm pretty sure that if it wasn't symmetrical the weight imbalance would destroy the spindle in the CD drive

@robotcarsley @mdszy also I'd be terrified to put it in a modern 64x speed drive, round is good at higher rpm, dunno about these shapes

@Timmy @robotcarsley How To Destroy Your CD Drive With This One Weird Trick Hardware Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know!

@robotcarsley @mdszy also how does Wii slot load GameCube discs? It's pure magic afaik

@mdszy yep, there were some really cool metal (music genre, not material) cd shapes back in the day


Couldn’t that make the CD vibrate too much while spinning, if not balanced correctly?

Seems like the worst idea ever but having a Fox-shaped CD has its advantages

@mdszy I don't remember which one I had, and all these years when I've described this to people I swore it was a kid's meal of some kind, but Pokemon had a series of CDs:

@mdszy really? I always assumed this used some magic about making the missing areas as bad sectors or something. But I guess aligning your disk image/rotating it correctly would be super hard, now that I think about it.

@unlofl @mdszy CDs/DVDs store data the opposite of a record. Instead of starting at the outside, and going in, the data starts at the middle, and go out!

@mdszy related idea: I want an app that takes a disk image of a 3.5in floppy, and generates a visualization of all the bits and physical arrangement (% set to 1, or entropy, or something)

Then, slap magnets on floppies, use this to try and visualize magnetic fields. Maybe zero the whole thing before you start.

@mdszy also if you put one of these CDs in a modern high-speed CD drive it will explode

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