haha i wish i could finish literally anything

me: i want to make a cool thing to automatically reject follow requests based on rules :)

also me: i can log into mastodon using my thinger and thats literally it and now i never want to touch it again

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i would probably be more motivated to work on this if i made it explicitly only for a single user and you have to run the script yourself somehow

like that'd be dumbshit easy

however i have the dipshit ambitious plan to make it a web thingie that anyone can log into and set up for their own account and i think this is a bad idea

the more that i think about it the more that i really dont want to run something that can fuck with people's accounts

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i might just write it as a script sorta thing first and then if i really want to make it a web type thing i can do that in the future but not now that's just not something i want to do

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@mdszy hahaha [glances at my massive list of unfinished apps, art, music, my entire home network, my improperly set up cell phone, my quirked-up fedora install] ha...

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