"In an ongoing effort to look for ways to improve how we care for you, $COMPANY has taken another look at the vacation policy for U.S. team members. We are pleased to announce that team members will be eligible to accrue three weeks of vacation annually by their 5th year of service. This is an enhancement to the existing plan where team members accrued three weeks when they reached their 7th year of service."

thanks for letting us have still-dogshit amounts of vacation a little bit sooner i guess


and too late for anyone working in 2020 where staying with any company for longer than like 3 years is dumb as fuck unless you do things to seriously keep people here (like this company doesn't as far as i can fuckin tell)

sex joke 

@mdszy yeah this stuff always makes me laugh! like, if a few extra vacation days is your only carrot, i definitely won't be here in 3 years!

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