why not start a good morning thread

good morning, pic from my drive to work this morning since i was going super slow because apparently people forgot how to drive and there were two accidents on my way to work today

my face looking at your face 

Good morning, there are ducks

Also this is my 10001th post holy shit

Good morning!

Its really nice out again

Also sorry for shitty picture through a window screen I'm lazy

good morning it was still really dark out when i woke up

morning! my face lookin at ur face 

good morning

brought in a bunch of sweet things because it's my birthday and apparently that's what you do on your birthday

good morming

im slightly less spooky today

that is all

@mdszy good morning, I tried to go to work on a day off :^)

@mdszy You're really obsessed with this screenshot aren't you.

@OTheB i cannot get over how freakin hilarious it is

@mdszy Found it on wikiped (because I'm not going to a Google webpage).

So they're basically turning the Pixel 4 into a really fucking dangerous spy box that can spy on how everyone near it moves to the millimetre.


@mdszy how one skelly boy saved thousands on speeding tickets with this one weird trick, traffic police HATE HIM

@trickster haha yeah :^)

but hey with all the rain we've been getting i can kinda pass it off as "it's just deteriorated because rain" and not "i'm an idiot who ran the car through a car wash with a paper license plate still on it"

@mdszy I’ve heard of putting a hat on a hat, but this is ridiculous!

@mdszy morning
have you given the local trash panda some warms?

@sunconscious wow, birthday wishes from Mr. Will Smith!

I'm framing this toot

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