also my friend who sold this car to me told me it's a good stepping stone vehicle

and yeah

i'm glad i didn't get anything much more powerful than this

i'd get myself into so much fuckign trouble

i mean i took it to 100 on the highway this evening

and it's like

no drama about it

it just does it

unlike my old car where it's like oh god oh god oh god oh god what's going on (plus that car was limited to 108)

and that's incredible and terrifying

@mdszy The W-body Regal GS had to be electronically limited to 108MPH because at 112MPH, you achieved sufficient aerodynamic lift to guarantee death.


It was gear limited to 148MPH.

Do not ask how many hacked up front ends it took to get there.

@rootwyrm yeah i've taken my lesabre to the max 108, it gets WORRYING up there

but yeah, plenty of revs left...

@mdszy The LeSabre can't even do 112, it's lifting the front axle above 104. The Regal in stock form is still... okayish at 108. At 110 you are only making contact with 3 tires.

@mdszy Well, that's also assuming the hood doesn't fly off. That's also a thing. (Which is fine. They weren't sold where you could legally go 100MPH. But, yeah.)

@mdszy What kind of Buick? Apparently, back in the day, the Buick 289 was a common swap in to hot-rodded Morgans

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