why the fuck do i hear a crying infant in the fucking office


@mdszy children in the office is a sign of the company's failure to accommodate employees with children

@fool i think in this case it's more of a "look at this weird potato that is called a 'baby' and call it cute" rather than a "i have no choice but to bring this strange potato to work because of accomodation issues"

@fool when it comes to the accomodation thing, this place is very flexible when it comes to letting employees show up/leave at flexible times within reason in order to take care of things like that

@mdszy what about bring-your-kid-to-work day? I enjoy it, it’s fun to meet everybody’s families. Last year I led a workshop explaining electricity to the older kids.

@ashfurrow eh

i chose a job where i wouldn't be working with children for a reason

@mdszy I get what you're saying, and I don't disagree: kids are annoying! But when a coworker has a baby, I _definitely_ want to meet that baby. It's such a special time for them and I like being a part of it. And exposure to people of all types+ages helps fight against individual atomization under capitalism (imo).

@mdszy do not fret, it's just the sound of humanity's inner child under the modern wordplace

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