mfw i haven't even added basic stack operations to my memeforth

welp that's what i'm doing when i get home

@mdszy i'm reading the gforth manual now

my guilty pleasure is RPN

@bclindner i used an rpn calculator all throughout college

"hey can i borrow your calculator"

"no because i guarantee you don't know how to use it, sorry"

@mdszy we should probably both implement . for our outputs

@bclindner make microservices for all the words so that we can share codebases more easily :^))))

@mdszy @bclindner don't even need http, just use the words as verbs

send however elements from the top of the stack the operation needs and it will respond with the rewritten chunk

:thonk: :thonk: :thonk:

@mdszy die

(though if you make a node or python package and put it on a git host i can implement that into bots of all kinds)

@bclindner might do since it's already written in js

would just make fitting into my client-side scripts slightly more annoying and i might have to use some toolchains to make it work and we all know how much i love that shit

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