sometimes i get into a wikipedia rabbit hole™️ about internet backbone shit, tiered providers, autonomous system, etc.

and it's like



@mdszy I mean, when it doesn't everyone knows about it.

I agree though, it's fucking wizardry and a feat of engineering.

@rfox yes of course, very true

but the fact that MOST of the time, it works FLAWLESSLY and i can access a site anywhere on the fuckign internet without even thinking about it on a normal day is FUCKING NUTSO

@mdszy oh yeah totally.

I remember my parents telling me about their wonder they had when they first used the internet, how their computer was TALKING TO A COMPUTER IN GERMANY (iirc was one of the early websites?).

Funny how all the wonder's melted away because for a couple of decades now, "that's just how it be".

@mdszy but yeah, achieving something like that in such a way that <0.01% of people ever think about it is a true feat of engineering. Just like clean water and sewage. Or the fucking electric grid.

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