Follow and it redirects to some random fad beer

@mdszy are hazy IPAs still faddy or are we onto the next thing?

@dvshkn bourbon barrel stouts are getting kinda faddy from what I've seen

@dvshkn this fact annoys me because i like them but they're

1. obnoxiously expensive, like $12 for 4 expensive
2. extremely high alcohol, 9-10% usually
3. really heavy because they're stouts

i'll take an ipa fad over this any day

@mdszy Something that heavy is definitely not an easy summer drink, no. Like you said they're charging rare beer prices when they're everywhere now.

At least hazies don't seem to come at a price premium, but I have had some that are on the verge of being too sweet.

@mdszy There was also the year where breweries completely overdid pumpkin beers. They couldn't contain themselves and started releasing them in the summer. I never figured out if it was a crop thing or what.

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