today at work my sorta boss asked what i thought about how we could architect the way we track a certain bit of historical stuff with our machines since turns out the way we were thinking isn't super ideal according to the company behind this IoT software

was kinda surprised when he was just straight up asking me what i thought we should do

was great

i had an idea and i think it's a pretty damn good one, and he really liked it too and saw some possibilities with it i hadn't even considered



also it's really funny when companies really don't understand manufacturing companies and think we're a computing technology company of some kind

talked to this IoT company about what i'm doing right now to get some data, and how i'm putting in an sql (sqlite) database, which i was then planning on putting up into their service on a regular basis

them: "just put it in your company wide SQL database and our service can query that"

lol what company-wide sql database my dude

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