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Ever have a lot of trouble falling back asleep and think "ugh I've probably only had a couple hours of sleep so far, this will be a long night" but then you check a clock and it's almost morning

Such a relieving feeling

has the ARRL just forgotten that General-class licenses exist with this "Technician Enhanced" bullshit

seriously, if people are bitching about not having HF privileges... then just get a general license, it's not hard, if i could do it any dumbass can

why do websites say you can "log in with google" and then still have you create a password for their site

that's defeating the purpose COMPLETELY

friday at 3 is the call with the pres

oh god oh fuck

The official class weirdo is being all obnoxious and throwing out Flanders type greetings to our microcomputer architecture prof, who is getting confused (English is not his native language)

Weirdo: "haven't you seen the Simpsons?"

Prof: "well yeah, I have, but translated into Czech."

so gonna get a call friday from the president of the company, he wants to talk to me about it

okay then

sounds like a good sign lol

our front door was somewhat broken where it wouldn't actually latch closed unless you gave it a hard press and lifted up slightly on the door knob

my roommate fixed it last night

who knew how satisfying it would be to simply have a door that closes properly

it's so great

i will always be entertained by the fact that my laptop's "keyboard backlight" switch turns on a light where the webcam normally goes that shines down on the keyboard

a little reading light instead of a backlight

so great


finally heard something from the place i interviewed

asked about good times to call! excite!

ebay doesn't let you bulk-end auction style listings

thankfully i only had two to cancel before i went on vacation

okay seriously

do these students not understand the difference between the words "to" and "and"

"Find voltages V1 to V4"


"Find voltages V1 and V4"

Why would the question even ask for those two voltages and not the others.

ez lost points


neat, got my rtlsdr v3

now i can rx hf and at some point, investigate why my ubitx stopped working


made an ebay sale for the first time in a w h i l e

it's really not a hard concept, no clue why it took me T H I S long to really figure it out and understand some of these datasheet graphs and shit

after four years of engineering

i now GET how voltage references and zener diodes and shit work

fuck me

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tired: nuclear power is dangerous, look at the accidents
wired: nuclear power accidents get a ton of press, but they are very uncommon when you look at how many reactors have gone through their entire service lives and never seen trouble
inspired: nuclear power could fail catastrophically once a week and it would still kill fewer people and damage the environment far less than our current fossil fuel power infrastructure does without any accidents at all

Ugh not hearing back about this job yet is making me question everything I said in the interview

Did I talk about that enough? Shit I never mentioned that. Did I talk about that too much?


aaaaaa really hope i hear back about job this week

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