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"kids these days are addicted to their vardeo blurms!"

Meanwhile the fucking boomer next to me at this keynote playing solitaire on his iPad exists

these plug sockets that are meant to accept any type of international plug are super fucking sketchy imo

richard stallman is just the worst superhero

who the fuck would want to be root-mean-squared-man

Conference day one is done, yaaaaay

Was fun, learned a bunch, and now I'm so full of food truck food I might explode

I Am Completely Unable To Mentally Process The Fact That This Is Not Butter





especially when it's a two person operation, him and an animator

and he has an assistant for some reason idk

oh sorry, nevermind, $20k every month regardless of hitting the upload button

jesus christ if you can't make a youtube channel work on TWENTY GRAND EVERY GODDAMN MONTH you need to seriously think about what the fuck you're doing wrong

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