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just gonna toot the word webinar every time it pops up in my email

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gonna just redo this for shits and gigs

u can call me skelly, mork, mark, whatever really


i do something that can roughly be considered "programming" maybe? idfk.

i basically make stupid posts and occasionally get motiviated enough to write stupid code to do stupid things i guess

so yeah


im actually being mildly productive today which is surprising

In Luigi's Mansion, if Luigi is interrupted while picking up an item by a call from E. Gadd, instead of turning around, he will morph between his picking-up animation (left) and the call answering animation (right) by turning inside-out.

covid adj 

kinda considering just like,,,,, taking a full week off soon here given that i don't think i'll be able to need any vacation for anything else for the rest of the year tbqh

days since my boss mispronounced my surname: 0

Closet? No, I keep my skeletons in /etc/skel

excuse me ma'am this is an anarcho-syndicalist commune

i cannot remember where i first heard this but I think it was here

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if i ever say the words "my socials" someone ban me from the internet thanks

heres an op-1 thing

i could not think of a third section so i went Full Bullshitting Mode just so i could finally call this one done and start a new project already

hot take 

ferris wheels fucking suck

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