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tfw i spent $2800 on my company cc in one day rofl


oh boy oh boy

all registered for travel to this conference


if your state dropdown picker doesn't allow for keyboard input it is broken



my trackball that i've had for like four years is starting to do the doubleclick thing that almost every logitech mouse i've owned does :(

time for another hard day at the waking up early factory

been cooking for myself lately

and when i cook, i really don't use much salt

had pizza hut pizza tonight

holy fuck shit tasted like sucking on a goddamn salt lick

fuck i want a hug from a giant gargoyle named pazuzu

so this trip to a conference for work

there was a chance the person i would've been going with wouldn't have gotten approval from her department to go

so my boss was like "yeah then we can just send you"

and i'm like "uhhhhhh sure that's fine but i've never actually traveled on my own before so it'll be an experience that's for sure"

"oh okay, we'll see then, maybe there's next year or we can see about what we'll do this year"

and then turns out other coworker got approved to go

now i'm not alone yay

all diodes are light emitting, it's just that they're encased in plastic most of the time (and not optimized to be light emitting at all)

least favorite thing about work

not having anything to do because i'm waiting for others to do something, or waiting for a meeting with people where i can ask about how to continue or if it's possible to do the things i'm thinking of doing

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