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me: "Quiescent?"

Him: "Right. I'll just call it quiet air."

He was such a goofball. Such a great prof too.

Whenever I see or hear the word "quiescent" I think of my basic thermodynamics prof

I had taken a couple of his classes, really liked this prof, he seemed to like me, and I sat at the very front. He was indian, and his english was fine but not perfect.

At one point, the lecture slides he was going over had the word "quiescent" on it, which he couldn't really pronounce. The context had to do with "quiescent air" aka still, undisturbed air

He picks me out, points to me, says: "What's that word?" (cont'd)

aaand now my ebay sales chart is fucked lmao

Pretty crazy to see my ebay 60 day sales number double in one sale

Corn chips + cottage cheese is a p great combo

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Almost 2 hrs left, sitting at $1499 starting bid, I'm excited!

If anyone around here is interested, I'm selling a few Enterasys networking cards. If I'm entirely honest I'm not very familiar with them, but they would likely be useful to anyone who is!

I got a price quote email including the acronym FOB which I had to look up wtf it meant

This is real business hours

i feel like 🎵🎵🎵hot garbage🎵🎵🎵

i went to a commercial packaging supply place and requested a quote on some non-stock sized boxes

am i business man™ yet

my roommates have discovered the fact that they can shout into heating vents from their rooms

one of which leads directly into my ceiling


it's times like this that im INCREDIBLY thankful for my school's textbook rental program

tfw im poring through three textbooks to review stuff for this exam


Probs gonna drive to Madison to buy boxes today, whee

Again in "freshmen in my psych class"

Begging the prof to cancel class Wednesday right before Thanksgiving break.

Just don't show up. If you can't miss a single day of a Gen Ed psych class without being entirely fucked, you're boned in general.

two days until my vibration sensor auction is done... excited!

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