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Definitely love this apartment, and love being on my own

Yeah there's your four dollars you pathetic piece of shit

Fargo is one of the greatest examples of Americana of all time

Don't change my mind

whoo, microcontroller programming for my connected boot dryer is basically complete! now to wait to get PCBs and try it out with the real thing

God fuck I hate when Cisco phones ring in TV shows

so much stuff on amazon prime is available via one-day now


wonder if it's because i'm back in green bay, i really doubt that would've ever been possible in pville

why does it take SO LONG for digikey to bring up an order from your history


christ that was weird

found some random transistors in my parts box, tried googling the markings on the chips and there was literally NOTHING available

I had to find the digikey bag they came in with the full MPN in order to get anything

that was weird

oh boy here i go binge watching tom scott videos again

If anyone gives a care

I'm doing my best to track the progress of this boot dryer thing on

so yeah


pcbway does 24hr turnaround as STANDARD now

holy shit

Wow nice

Guy on the eevblog forum asked me (a month ago) about buying a transformer from the Fluke 8846A's I've been parting out.

Asked him if he was still interested, he said yes, I said it'd be $20 for the xformer and $55 for shipping (he's in the Netherlands), I wasnt able to find out how much fluke charges for replacement parts

He was cool with that, asked if I also had the mounting bracket which I did. He offers me $100 for both shipped, fluke charges like $300 for this stuff, jeez

I actually worked out today

Was nice, the gym at my apartment was totally empty

Hopefully I keep it up and can stop being a lazy sack

also i know for a fact my neighbors can't hear it so don't bitch at me thanks

yet another awesome apartment thing

being able to listen to moderately loud music at 11pm and not give a fuck

I want to go for a drive so badly

But I am NOT in any condition to drive a vehicle


My new job has me very excited

I'm not just in a spot where "yeah you're an ee like every other ee here" it's "you're an EE working on new stuff we haven't tried yet" so if I can prove myself and get learning this new shit it'll be absolutely fucking huge and I can cement myself a real spot here

Holy shit

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