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why not start a good morning thread

good morning, pic from my drive to work this morning since i was going super slow because apparently people forgot how to drive and there were two accidents on my way to work today

selfie ec (boost if you want idc) 

there's an r/17776

of course there's an r/17776

"your body is your temple"

me: so that means i permanently ink memes onto myself right

what if, hear me out 

ph + 

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aaaaa found a guy on who shares my hatred for arduinos in production/as a deployment target/whatever

Arduino =/= AVR

Arduino is a devboard, not a microcontroller


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@​mdszy@​ i would but the pi screams when i clicked this

i also need to write a thonk about Fritzing because god damn i have some incredibly strong feelings about THAT software


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protip - when doing a usps change of address, take the extra ten seconds to make sure it doesn't subscribe you to every goddamn mailing list for every goddamn company ever

mistakes were made

imagine having the job title "venture capitalist" and thinking you're doing anything useful for society

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there's no compiler to catch out undefined vars and we have like 4 thonk emojis

lol jokes on me apparently it is starting to snow

Functional programming? I sure hope it does!

Should probs not go in at like 7 tomorrow if I'm gonna be pulling like a 10hr day if I do

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