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psa, read this shiz before follow requesting

if your profile is

- nothing but boosts and you look like you might not even be a human

- empty, no profile pic, no bio, whatever

- entirely non-english

- literally just posts of your blog and nothing else

i will not accept the follow request

thanks for coming to my ted talk

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time to sleep so I can hopefully not get fucking sick

alc, poll! 

nothing is more of a fuck than having masto open in two tabs so the bloops sound at the same time but slightly not

there are two kinds of mastodon avatars

- skulls

- bad avis

Hey #Mastodon creatures! Do you wish the columns extended to fill your screen when it’s wide enough to fit them all, eliminating the unsightly gap on the right? (The Glitch fork does this, as does Pleroma’s MastoFE, but not vanilla Mastodon as far as I’m aware.)

Turns out if you have a CSS-tweaking extension installed, it’s a snap! If you don’t have one, Stylus seems to be pretty good. Open source too.

Literally all you need to do is just…this!

.column, .drawer { flex-grow: 1; }

If you’d rather not stretch the leftmost column with the input box in it, you can leave out the .drawer part.

.column { flex-grow: 1; }

Don’t worry about messing things up when your screen’s too small – this only makes them grow, not shrink. :awoo:


food, poll! 

my stream of consciousness is just one cartoony jabroni ass white boy

bread recipes that don't specify amounts by weight should be banned from the internet

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if you haven't read 17776, it's one of the best short stories on the internet, and you should

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