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First day of classes in college is about a million times less stressful than the first day of school in elementary/middle/high school

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Best part about no class until 3 on Monday. I can get in on auctions that end at 10am without having to sit on my phone in class.

why the b a l l s had i never watched anthony bourdains show before

shits great

im also kinda excited for classes to start

i really like having a regimented schedule to my life

roommates will be back tomorrow

will be glad to have them back

but will kinda miss having this place all to myself

should definitely shower and attempt to move my car and shovel the walkway

make a transfer from my mostly-unused bank acct to bring its balance to a nice even number

then a couple days later i get like $0.02 in interest


i still think it's endlessly dumb that they've completely replaced the main website with a "recruitment" site and now for all the actual academic web stuff i need i have to go to a separate site

welp seems like uwplatt fixed the non-www subdomain site

and also there is a 100% chance i will block you from ever purchasing anything i sell

protip for anyone ever planning on using the offer feature on ebay

if you get counteroffered and then counter that with an offer even lower than your first

you're a cunt

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damn this snow is pretty

ive been very snow-deprived this winter

i love this

so my take on the "crumbling"

i don't particularly care

for one thing, i don't think it's super strange given the weird sudden burst of people coming from tumblr who surprise surprise didn't stick around a very different social network very long

but not gonna lie, i found most of those migrants and new users quite annoying and i never pay any attention to the fediverse at all

i couldn't give fewer shits about mastodon as a whole, i just care about this instance because it's all i pay attention to

there's a few inches of snow on the ground

my car is parked on the street

damn i hope it doesn't get smashed into

good job, uwplatt

only the www and campus subdomains work rn

they just launched their new bullshit """recruitment""" based website and now this happens

fuckin lol

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also i love how this prof clearly uses LaTeX for his syllabus, tests, homeworks, everything

it's great

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