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why not start a good morning thread

good morning, pic from my drive to work this morning since i was going super slow because apparently people forgot how to drive and there were two accidents on my way to work today

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You know you're at a bar with a good friend when they get you another water



how to make mork super happy (alc ment) 

I oughta get earpro next time I come to this bar for music

This bar has the same light fixtures as I have in my apartment


pet fuckin peeve 

pet fuckin peeve 


foond, alc 


the one time it's acceptable to say "you don't actually want to do what you're asking about" is when someone asks a question about doing something in fritzing

Okay forza seriously

Why is the intermission timer on modes where you don't even get to choose your car SO MUCH LONGER than those where you do



sorta kinda considering a costco membership


all my digital shit is just like all my real life shit

"yeah let's just throw this here for now i'll organize it later"

(he said, never actually organizing it later)

ya know I feel like if I took the time to actually organize my digital everything and start using non Google/non proprietary stuff for a lot of what I do, moving to Linux or smth would be easier for me

But shit that's such a daunting proposition

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so these are the caps i pulled from that huge RF generator

10000uF each (10mF) in parallel, 30mF total capacitance, 50V rated

37.5J of energy can be stored in these thiccbois


would be neat to write mf in typescript but there would be so much dickery with how it handles the stack (which can contain strings, bools, ints and soon regexes) that it would probably be an absolute cluster

probably would have to do a bunch of typedef'ing stuff or something? idk

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