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psa, read this shiz before follow requesting

if your profile is

- nothing but boosts and you look like you might not even be a human

- empty, no profile pic, no bio, whatever

- entirely non-english

- literally just posts of your blog and nothing else

i will not accept the follow request

also be over 18 seriously no kids allowed

if you're on, i won't accept either

thanks for coming to my ted talk

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the Nintendo Switch is a portable console that allows you to play video games on battery power for hours

these are the only three ways to cook food

sous vide, Easy Bake ™... i just wanna grill for Pete’s sake!

@mdszy that room is so tidy you could summon Marie kondo by inscribing a pentagram onto the floor

Fill out your profile if you want your follow request accepted

i REALLY do need an actual computer desk

this one sucks bad for computer use tbh

no, super-cheap-pizza-place-named-after-a-dude-who-got-backstabbed, i don't hate myself enough to buy from you tonight stop

one thing that was really getting to me about the state of my place was that I felt like if a friend were to just stop by, I'd be embarrassed by how my place looks

no more feeling that now

son of a bitch the humidity inside of my filament storage box is higher than outside of it

dammit lol

I need to get rid of like 85% of the contents of my apt tbh

y'all why do I want to get a nicer garbage can for my kitchen and more importantly why do I consider it to be treating myself if I did

it's a fuckin garbage can

I'm that wint "$3000 candle budget" post but less ironically

fuckin love candles

real "why the fuck didn't I just clean this room earlier" hours

fancy burger place has free delivery rn so i don't have to pay $50 for a burger so that'd be cool

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