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oh neat, the vibration motor in my phone suddenly started working again

it's raining and I left my helmet outside on my scooter

Hopefully it's not soaked when I get out there

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This is the first prof I've ever had that actually does the whole knocking on the whiteboard thing

I'm honestly surprised by how much I use the suggested responses in Google messages

"It looks like the order is caught in the back end for activation, I am working with our order desk now to get this pushed thru for you"

maybe this means i'll finally be getting fucking internet today

trying to get this internet shiz working is just incredibly exhausting

time to figure out why tf they didn't

can confirm, the isp idiots never showed up

come on isp shits show up and turn on my shit

Prof says "29.5" as "29 point half"

gotta love this guy

Here's to hoping the dinguses at the isp don't flake on us because of the rain

managed to slip between bouts of rain to get to class on my scooter without getting soaked


grading is a pretty good gig

got a few papers done, gonna check with the professor about a few things because he gave me very little instruction as to how he wants things done

thought i might as well grade them how i THINK i should do it, and then come to him to see if i'm doing it completely wrong or not

except for baking, hence the brownies

not that there's anything difficult about making brownie mix and throwing it in the oven

Just made brownies for me and the roommates because they've been cooking for me a few times lately because I'm a complete dunce when it comes to heat and food

Actually seems like they've all become slightly lighter colors

I might be going crazy but it seems like the color of the unread badge for the Updates tab in the Gmail android app has become a slightly lighter yellow color