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if your profile is

- nothing but boosts and you look like you might not even be a human

- empty, no profile pic, no bio, whatever

- literally just posts of your blog and nothing else

i will not accept the follow request

thanks for coming to my ted talk

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Fuck friend just reminded me I don't even need to fix this

I can just swap on a regal gs bumper


I really enjoy discussing tesla stuff with my one friend, who owns a tesla

Because he totally isn't in on all the tesla bullshit and just bought it because he wanted one and thought it'd be cool

And I agree, it's a fuckin great car and I love riding/getting the chance to drive it

But we can have discussions about how bullshit tesla as a company is sometimes and its productive and enjoyable

That's hard go find

My older downstairs neighbor always asks if his music is too loud, since he plays it loud because of his hearing loss

I always tell him I never even hear it

I can hear it now, but I don't mind it in the least

hot take 

me earlier today: "it feels like it should be thursday shit"

me now: "oh wow tomorrow's thursday already"

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ughhhhh damn it is SO HARD to break my xbox muscle memory

showing up in random "hacker" "news" comment threads like

"im gay, ama"

any digital content that is ruled illegal to have because of its content, copyright status, etc. is literally an illegal number

that's fuckin wonky

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>ipv4 is trending and will continue to be on FIRE 24/7/365

OH: "I go to the Mustard Museum and Madison so I can stock up on mustards."

twitter? on the fediverse? oh we already have that it's called

cmon jack just put twitter in a bunch of docker containers across a kube cluster how hard can it be fuckin rofl get ur shit together jack hahahaha

Null safety, or how IntercalScript will save you a billion dollars

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Twitter: we are looking into decentralising Twitter.

The Fediverse: ha ha ha BLOCK

Q: Help! Whenever I use the undocumented keyword "please" more than three times in a file, I get a mysterious compile error and I can't figure out why.

A: If you figure out where the error is coming from, please tell us.


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