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if your profile is

- nothing but boosts and you look like you might not even be a human

- empty, no profile pic, no bio, whatever

- literally just posts of your blog and nothing else

i will not accept the follow request

thanks for coming to my ted talk

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helo I'm an internet funny person

boost all of my posts

oops time to make a podcast because everyone needs a podcast you can't be popular without a podcast

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If you want a cheap one that looked okay and have a poasting problem and i can't fucking unHEAR the I sure hope it does! i definitely wouldn't pound some randos site just for illustrative purposes

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protip to all you fedinauts out there

don't get wing sauce in your eye

it hurts

i have the uncanny ability to punish the shit out of myself by consuming things i can't stand until i actually start to enjoy them



i find it quite entertaining that there's a house 250 miles from me that i don't live in or rent anymore, but i know i could just walk in and flop on the couch and nobody who lives there would mind in the least

damn the multi-select feature in sharex is great



wheLP turns out it's not madison we're gonna be hanging out this weekend, it's platteville

that's moderately annoying given that i don't have any cell signal there, and it's 1.5hrs longer of a drive

but w/e, it'll still be fun

who needs web usability

let's just load a fuckin 3.7 MB header background image where the normal background is white and grey text is on top of it, making the site entirely unreadable until the background image is fully loaded

so uh

is super mario maker turing complete?


lol go no generics

lol even python has generics

:drake_dislike: using cw's to hide sensitive content 

if tim and eric made enhancement proposals to python they'd be making 

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