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Kinda miss my parasocials on the old birdsite right now. One of the big differences: there were a lot of local people whom I’ve met and hung out with there. Not so here. I don’t think there’s anyone geographically nearby on Mastodon, which *shouldn’t* matter, and yet it kinda does. (btw I’m in Portland, Maine USA).

"Would a depressed person do... this!"
*Proceed to do nothing efficiently*

Reading about the Carrington Event and imagining the apocalypse if that happened because apparently that’s how I spend my Saturday afternoons.

Les Claypool’s Flying Frog Brigade’s cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals sounds better than the 1977 bootlegs.

Fucking vendors and their fucking SDKs embedding fucking analytics bullshit (and not even declaring it as a fucking transitive dependency) that gets us into fucking trouble with the fucking Google Play Store.

OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR social security number!

Decided that it’s time for a change. Going forward, I will be using Swatch Internet Time.

I get a little embarrassed every time my Apple Watch praises me for … standing up.

Does Google use what we bookmark in Chrome to weight it’s search results?

Imagine getting stoned out of your mind then looking up and seeing what your wife chose on Netflix and on that show 1) there is a talking chimpanzee and 2) people are taking the chimpanzee seriously. Umbrella Academy I guess?

I feel like Stanger Things’ timeline vis a vis Nintendo Entertainment System availability is slightly off.

The Final Cut has some of the most incredible lyrics in the history of rock music and you cannot change my mind.

OK Computer was to the 1990s what Dark Side of the Moon was to the 1970s

mental health 

Left my psych doc’s appointment last week on a happy note. New meds were working. Therapy is working. Haven’t felt like shit, things are great.

I’ve felt like crap since yesterday. It could be nothing. People aren’t supposed to be happy 100% of the time. But it feels like another episode.

I’m going to Lisbon next week for work. I should be so excited. I love travel. I’m dreading it. I’m anxious about meeting my colleagues. Imposter syndrome killing me.

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