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I kinda feel bad for Yahoo Mail. They do a damned fine job. Their UI is nice (nicer than GMail) and it’s pretty and has every feature you’d ever want. But I use it as my junk throwaway email account, and no one wants to be seen with a address despite their objectively good product that they seemingly can’t even give away for free. Poor Yahoo Mail.

Programmers use their brains for a living. Employees of software developers should be as concerned about their employees’ mental health as a construction foreman is of their workers’ physical well being, if only for purely selfish reasons.

Factoid time! Pineapples are apparently names cuz they looked like pinecones, and back then pinecones were commonly called pine apples.

I don't need a "reminder" to take your customer service survey. I am not taking your customer service survey. Ever.

I still do the “buenos noche amigos” thing that Remy used to do when NESN does the SAP instructions. 🥲

@md ofc if you found yourself in need of such a thing, you’d probably be screwed because you’d no longer have access to an App Store to download it. It’s just always seemed weird to me that our super powerful devices in our pocket can’t act as servers or nodes in a mesh more often. They’re all, by and large, dumb clients attached to a server somewhere. They’re capable of so much more than that.

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@md you’d obviously have to be near enough to the people you’re chatting with (or someone running the app at least who could relay). The use case I’m thinking of is large protests.

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Every once in a while I get this idea in my head to make a mesh-based chat app that works over Bluetooth, taking mobile networks and even wifi out of the picture, end to end encrypted obvs. Something truly peer to peer that couldn’t be spied on with no central server and no metadata to trace. But I’m at best a mediocre programmer with little free time so nothing will ever come of it.

Whoa Piveta coming out in the 9th? I don’t remember the last time I saw a pitcher pitch an entire game.

Instagram made a really subtle change to their icon, didn’t they?

my mobile clients for mastodon are all dead. makes it kinda hard to log in. amaroq crashes as soon as it opens and toodles won't let me log in. :( i hate the official client because, the last time i checked, it didn't have a federated timeline available.

making a regular expression in python that matches an emoji is proving to be more complicated than I had hoped it'd be.

I was hoping to find a way to pipe through pbcopy and still display stdout to the terminal, like `tee -a` does.

Today I discovered that Apple's man pages still refer to the company as "Apple Computer" instead of "Apple." (e.g., see `man pbcopy`).

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