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Weird. Just got a reply to a several-years-old toot that I wrote after I had gotten laid off. Funny thing, getting laid off from MeetEdgar was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Still at the new job I picked up after MeetEdgar and I’m learning more, in a leadership role, compensated more than 2x what I was back then. MeetEdgar ended up laying the rest of their staff off about 18 months later and it was under much less favorable circumstances. Sometimes things just work out.

Tootle’s notifications have gotten really weird today. I keep getting old notifications over and over again, or they aren’t showing up on the tab after I get them?

I know you can migrate across instances to some limited extent (I did it a long time ago), but what happens if whomever is running an instance just pulls the plug without any warning at all? Are you just kinda screwed? I suppose that’s the tradeoff when you decide to set up shop and squat on an instance that someone is maintaining/providing for free? I wonder if there are any instances where you have to pay to join… is there a

Period dramas about rich people with Estates courting one another is just Victorian Keeping Up with the Kardashians

@md I think the most galling thing is how much content I gave them for free to monetize. I’m not claiming it was *good* content … I’m not sure why anyone would read it. But I participated in giving them my labor for free, got nothing in return, and they used my (imperceptibly microscopic relative to everyone else) participation to enrich themselves. Shame on me.

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I did it. I just deactivated my Twitter account. I joined birdsite in 2007. Tweeted close to 59,000 times. I wasted so much of my goddamned life on that thing.

I have my archive downloaded in case my future generations want to read my virtual journal, but I’m done.

i won't check but i bet the tacotini is already a thing

@md learn these 7 things @Gargron does EVERY NIGHT before going to sleep!

I’m gonna build a federated distributed LinkedIn. Look out, world, the future is ours. No one can own our fake inspirational grind quotes and recruiter spambots!

When writing image descriptions, you don't need to start with "image of". Screen readers can already tell it's one and will usually announce it with "Image:" so your attachment ends up being read as "Image: Image of ..."

I’m still mostly using the federated timeline because I haven’t found the “right” mix of people to follow yet, and I’m not sure the instance that I chose was right for me. Hopefully over time my home timeline will become what I want for content. Discovery on this thing is an unsolved problem.

Me: "I could use a new pocketknife, this one's getting old."

[looks at a knife maker's site]

[Video autoplays. Guitars shred. Fire shoots everywhere. A gravel-voiced man snarls JOHNSON STONEBREAKER IS NO STRANGER TO WAR. INSPIRED BY SAMURAIS VIKINGS AND MOUNTAINS, WE DESIGNED]

It's, like, a letter opener but it also has a bottle opener.

Me: Enh, I'll make do.

The new user influx is finally pushing me to seriously think about setting up my own instance. I'm not sure I want to use

If you host a small (1-20 user) Mastodon instance, I'd love to hear about your setup!

(please boost)

I just complained at my city government’s account about the dead street lights in my neighborhood on the birdsite. The ability to ineffectively shout into the bureaucratic void: advantage birdsite.

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