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Whenever someone says "must-have feature" I think of the Kano model!

What a beautiful way to quantify what a must-have vs nice-to-have truly is 👏🏻

Why does the Bandcamp app suck so bad? No account page? Obviously some sort of non-native multiplatform web thing. Is it open source?

There have got to be a thousand different "standard" ways to format SQL and all of them are ugly. I have my own bespoke weird style so I'm contributing to the problem.

Guess I’ll so an again
- Programmer who found myself in middle management and not sure how I feel about it. Right now mostly Python and smattering of Android but really miss Ruby
- Socialist (Marxist)
- Pretty severe clinical depression
- Currently restoring a vintage 1963 camper trailer
- Home distiller
- Maine, USA
- I toot in bursts. Sometimes I’ll flood your timeline (sorry) but will disappear for days.

Blowing the dust off the Mastodon account (why doesn’t Tootle provide alt text for a11y grr…)

Way back in the late ‘00s/early ‘10s I wrote my own desktop client that supported both Twitter and It was a cross platform abomination based on XUL and Javascript named Buzzbird. I wonder how difficult it is to build a Mastodon client. 🤔

Tootle seems to be better than Amaroq and the official app so far. Let’s try this for a while.

listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

Oh does the official app not support a federated tab that shows everything?

Lol I’m on Amaroq didn’t even realize mastodon has an official app now.

Someone has to have already tried a federated Instagram, right? The fact that I don’t know what it is doesn’t bode well. :/

I think I need another server. is kinda meh.

I was around birdsite in the early days (2007). Discovery was always a tough thing to solve. It’s even tougher here. Back then I grew my “following list” by following the people my favorites followed. It doesn’t work well with Amarok, perhaps it’s a client thing?

I wonder how long this influx of birdsite users will last. Seems to come in waves - something upsets a bunch of people, they come here and toot a bit, then they go crawling back when they can’t find what they were looking for here. I’m guilty of it too. I suspect lots of people will miss their favorite birdsite personalities and forget why they hated the loathsome billionaire who now owns it.

why did elon spent 44 billions when he could be spending $5 per month to run his own fedi instance :)

Always such big plans and ideas. Always nothing to show for them.

@esvrld i'm sorry

bluwu uwuyster cuwult

you're welcome

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