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I like PIA as a VPN but their otherwise-handy DNS server seems to have issues quite often. :-/

our meme generation neural network student is getting towards the end of his masters thesis and the results are absolutely a riot

It's extremely irritating that the icons for Google Voice and Google Hangouts are so similar.

I simply don't like working. At all. Changing jobs every other year doesn't fix this. This should not be an epiphany but it kinda is and I don't know what to do about it.

Good lord the default icon for LibreOffice is gross and there aren't many options out there for better ones. Wish I could art - I'd try to make a better one instead of just bitching about it.

Made plans yesterday to go to Detroit this weekend to watch my son's team in the FIRST Robotics World Finals and I'm super excited. :D

Our team has been unable/afraid to log into our @heroku instance - the private space's SSH fingerprint changed and want to be really sure it's not a MITM attack (chances are very good that it isn't). Opened a ticket yesterday and still haven't heard back. :(

There should be a term for the "uncanny valley" feel of hybrid mobile apps that are really just react native or some fake thing around a web view vs. truly native apps.

I just learned my coworker described me as "calm" and now I realize how little my coworkers really know me.

is it weird to take a nap in a coworking space? Asking for a friend.

I keep thinking about a King Crimson ZZ Top supergroup and the idea cracks me up.

"Nokia android handsets were discovered to have a backdoor that sent a variety of data to a network server located in the network of China Telecom. Nokia had deliberately built this code into devices sold into China, but then accidentally installed it onto all its other devices."

it sucks that you get penalized for using a commercial VPN by getting asked to do a CAPTCHA at almost every damned login because you're suddenly perceived as sketchy.

It's 2019 and I'm still cleaning the project and restarting Android Studio to fix build problems wtf is this.

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