Thinking I’ll just let my account die along with the instance. Not sure I have it in me to figure out how to either migrate or stand up my own instance.

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If you just want to migrate your followers and following details automatically, then all that is needed is to create an account on a new server of your choice, and follow the instructions on
Basically it boils down to going to /settings/aliases on your new account and reference your old account there, and then go to /settings/migration on your old account to specify your new account, and initiate the redirect from there.
People who follow you, and who you follow, should be updated automatically through that. Sadly, posts are not included in this process.

If you want to have a backup of your account and its posts, you can export it through Settings -> "Import and export" (probably at an then the "Request your archive" option. (This is also mentioned in the aforementioned Moving guide under the "Exporting your information" header.)

Alternatively @kensanata created some command-line tools that might come in handy:

Importing your old exported posts into your new account would involve other third party tools unfortunately, and isn't something I have pointers for. Sadly #Mastodon doesn't really do nomadic identity.

Setting up your own instance is a bit more involved, though using a mastodon- or fediverse-hosting service like #mastohost could be used to offload the technical setup and maintenance to an experienced party.

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