Every once in a while I get this idea in my head to make a mesh-based chat app that works over Bluetooth, taking mobile networks and even wifi out of the picture, end to end encrypted obvs. Something truly peer to peer that couldn’t be spied on with no central server and no metadata to trace. But I’m at best a mediocre programmer with little free time so nothing will ever come of it.

@md you’d obviously have to be near enough to the people you’re chatting with (or someone running the app at least who could relay). The use case I’m thinking of is large protests.


@md ofc if you found yourself in need of such a thing, you’d probably be screwed because you’d no longer have access to an App Store to download it. It’s just always seemed weird to me that our super powerful devices in our pocket can’t act as servers or nodes in a mesh more often. They’re all, by and large, dumb clients attached to a server somewhere. They’re capable of so much more than that.

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