I know you can migrate across instances to some limited extent (I did it a long time ago), but what happens if whomever is running an instance just pulls the plug without any warning at all? Are you just kinda screwed? I suppose that’s the tradeoff when you decide to set up shop and squat on an instance that someone is maintaining/providing for free? I wonder if there are any instances where you have to pay to join… is there a

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@md There is a mastodon-archive utility that lets you keep a searchable copy of your posts (and replies, optionally), follows and favorites — as long as you keep archiving them regularly, of course.

@md I think this is the justification for running your own.

@md You may not want to open up registration. In fact, you probably don't want to. But it connects you to the which I think is the point.

@komish I’ve contemplated it, but I’ve also seen people on here who’ve done it say that it uses a ton of disk space… like, I kinda think a $5/mo digital ocean droplet wouldn’t cut it? But tbf I haven’t looked into it that closely in a long time.

@md Yep, I feel like I've heard similar, and that would definitely deter me. That's the trade off, though. Either that, or use someone's hosted instance and hope they don't disappear. 😩

@md there is a coop!

But yeah there is an amount of trust you have to place in the admin of your instance. Most of the time when an instance dies there's a bit of warning though.

@md I’ve seen has requirement for some kind of monetary support from members.

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