It’d be great to not get so tired all the time.

@md I know you might have heard it before, but seriously go see a doctor. I was constantly tired for the last 4 years, finally I found a doctor willing to look into it, and turns out I have a rare chronic condition that is treatable. I got my meds and I can't believe how much better it is! But also, it can be something as simple as low vitamin D or iron (you would be surprised how many people have that). There is no point in suffering this.

@deshipu yeah, I actually have seen several docs. Now I’m on a stimulant basically because I’m hypersomulent cuz they can’t figure it out. I have a CPAP cuz I had a borderline sleep study but it doesn’t seem to help. Gotta keep trying I guess. It might just be my usual depression.

@md Depression is certainly not helping, but it may be a cause as much as an effect. Best of luck figuring this out!

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