Remember downloading stuff like Linux on floppies, and finding the closest FTP mirror to download from?

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Maybe y'all don't. I'm a very old person by Mastodon standards.


My first linux distro was transameritech 0.99 beta in 1994.

@hhardy01 Nice! I started out on Slackware. It was a pre-1.0 kernel but I don't remember the version.

@hhardy01 Haha sweet animations! Here's mine: ... I have much older, crappier sites but the wayback machine doesn't go back far enough.


My oldest snapshot is three days older than yours lol!

Must be when archive first started their engine. :)

@md My first experience with Linux was helping a friend install it, but his Slackware floppies came with a book. (when I asked him to show me what was going wrong everything worked fine, turns out he accidentally deleted Windows that time around which magically fixed everything)

@md my first time trying Linux was in 1995. It was Slackware, downloaded via FTP over a fractional T1.

Around 80 floppy images were downloaded and written to 3.5" 1.44MB floppies. All apparently OK.

I got home with all of that and found out that about half the floppies had errors.

The next day, I went downtown and bought the Infomagic 4-CD set and all went well!

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