Why do I hate working so much? Over the past 6 years, I've had 4 different jobs. It doesn't take long for me to dislike any of them. Why am I so lazy?

Feeling trapped by the generous salary of my current employer and the impending first year of college tuition for my son. I feel like I can't look elsewhere even with a salary cut because the FAFSA is already submitted and it looks back two years. Don't know what to do.

my mood has been shit lately. i'm maxed out on SSRIs and shouldn't go up on Lamotrigine and i'm out of weed. i want to stop feeling like this and i want to hibernate away from everyone and everything. i've been unproductive at work and around the house and i'm stuck in a loop where i feel worse because of it and i don't know how to stop. i need to find a therapist (i stopped seeing my last one because she wasn't working) but don't have the ambition to put in the effort. i don't know why my wife tolerates me

Is Lanyrd no longer a thing? Did anyone ever build a replacement, 'cuz it was kinda useful.

Thomas Sankara: Inequality can be done away with only by establishing a new society, where men and women will enjoy equal rightsโ€ฆThus, the status of women will improve only with the elimination of the system that exploits them. protestationblog.wordpress.com

Working from home today instead of co-working. Hoping to dodge the almost inevitable crippling isolation and loneliness.

general mills pivot to video. all the 90s cereal commercials available as a streaming video channel for your roku

I honestly don't know if I'm suffering from burnout, or if I'm just really depressed again. Probably a little of column A, a little of column B...

The sheer number of talks about burnout at tech conferences (including ones I've given) lead me to believe that every talk should just be one slide that says "Smash Capitalism". #allthingsopen

Maybe y'all don't. I'm a very old person by Mastodon standards.

Remember downloading stuff like Linux on floppies, and finding the closest FTP mirror to download from?

A worker owned taxi #coop in Southend has grown from 6 to 70 drivers.

They repaid all their investors and returned ยฃ3000 to their members last year. The same year Uber left the area after failing to compete with them.

We need this in every town and city!


Iโ€™ve been looking for someone more local with a similar style but canโ€™t find it anywhere.

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