Exactly when was it observed and written that this sentence consists of two hundred forty-six characters in total: sixty-six vowels, one hundred thirty-three consonants, thirty-five spaces, one colon, six commas, four dashes, and a question mark?

it's so wild, because in this graph you can see the direct time that Tumblr announced they were ditching "adult content" to Tumblr users immediately leaving the site

Does anyone know of any good #queer oriented instances?

I saw a strange creature long, hard, and straight, thrusting into a round, dark opening preparing to discharge its load of lives puffing and squealing noises accompanied it, then a final screech as it slowed and stopped riddlewot.com/riddles/_mnjRJYQ #riddle

En novembre j'ai commençé à faire une sorte d'hydromel, un mead comme disent les anglophones.

Il s'agit de mettre du miel dans de leau, mélanger à fond, et laisser dans un bocal ouvert, couvert d'un tissu, pendant 10-15j.
Le seul entretien nécessaire etant de remuer quotidiennement et vigoureusement.

Avec la fermentation, on obtient une boisson légèrement perlante, avec des arômes assez dingues de gâteau / cake au rhum.

Qui a déjà testé ?

you, a fucking moron: i think i'm going to dress as a dracula for halloween

me (eyes rolled back, ascending): actually it's 'dracula's monster'

#Briar is an unusual kind of messenger for Android devices: there are no servers, messages are stored on your phone and sent directly to your contact's phone through TOR, wi-fi or bluetooth.

It's designed for journalists, activists, people working in disaster zones and anyone interested in "off the grid" communication.

The official site is here:


The app is free, open source and available through @fdroidorg and Google Play.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Privacy #MeshNetworks

We *really* need a viable ethical alternative for modern smartphones & smartphone operating systems. Between planned obsolescence (Apple), gross invasion of privacy (Google), and lack of security (Government), it's a no-win situation for most of the population.

dr dolittle: oh my god i can talk to animals, this is amazing

giraffe: ʰᵉʸ ᶜ ᵃⁿ ʸᵒᵘ ʰ ᵉ ᵃʳᵐ ᵉ

dolittle: what

panda: 你好我的朋友

dolittle: what

look capitalism is obviously trash but i do appreciate all the different flavors of snack foods

pianos are an instrument that make noises, and sometimes those noises are sounds, and even rarer can the sound be music. when you press on the key, sometimes something will happen, i encourage you to open up your favorite mp3 user and check out some of those very fun sounds that people might be making, at times!

What is the most profitable business in the world? You might think oil, or maybe banking. You would be wrong. The answer is academic publishing. Its profit margins are vast, reportedly in the region of 40 per cent.

Publicly funded researchers do the work, write it up and judge its merits. And yet the resulting intellectual property ends up in the hands of the publishers. They then sell it via exorbitant subscriptions and paywalls, often paid for by taxpayers too.


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