New dark mode for Android and other goodies coming to 1.2.2. Beta packages will be avaliable soon.

A new Maui Weekly report is out. Some of the highlights are:

MauiKit framework split out.

New convergent controls and the apps get new features.

We are happy to share your testing packages and updates about the apps and framework in a new Maui Weekly blog post.

Please help us by reporting issues, bugs, or feature requests.

Maui Apps cover the basic utilities for the Linux phone: A file manager, a terminal emulator and a text editor.

Find **soon** the 1.2.0 packages for Linux AMD64, ARM64, Windows and Android, at the official Maui page.

We are happy to announce the second stable release of MauiKit and the Maui Apps.

Read more about the 1.2.0 stable release in the following post.

Index 1.2 stable release is coming up.
A convergent file manager for you phone, tablet and desktop computers.

A new report from the Maui Project is out; this is the last report before our second stable release is announced.

The reports cover changes from MauiKit and the group of applications.

Nota sees improvements coming from MauiKit backend, resulting in faster text document loading times, correctly applying styles, and more options to change the text properties, like font sizing and tab spacing.

More on the upcoming Maui Weekly Report 7.

The Communicator contacts application has been refactored, and the code has been updated to all the latest and greatest MauiKit changes and a better designed was introduced.

More on the upcoming Maui Weekly Report 7.

This revision of Pix brings a performance boost, a better tags view that auto-updates when new images are tagged, optimized images grid layout for small screens, and other small fixes.

More on the upcoming Maui Weekly Report 7.

Today, we bring you a new report on the Maui Project progress.

Are you a developer and want to start developing cross-platform and convergent apps, targeting, among other things, the upcoming Linux Mobile devices? Then join us on Telegram:

Testing the new Kirigami SwipeNavigator and at the same time testing the QMLBar plugin.

For upcoming releases, developers using MauiKit will have tools to let other third-party developers create plugins to expand the features of the app.

You can get Nota 1.1.0 now.

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of MauiKit and Maui Apps 1.1.0!.

"The 1.1.0 version brings updates, new features, bug fixes, and an improved cross-platform and convergent experience from the framework to the apps. For this first full release, the packages are distributed directly from the MauiKit official webpage."

A quick tutorial series on how to use MauiKit.
We will be crafting a convergent and multiplatform video player collection manager.

For the upcoming blog entry, we will craft a video player using MauiKit for mobile and desktop devices, GNU/Linux, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Quick preview for the first part of the series.

From this week's progress report: Better controls for a convergent and immersive UX.
Report coming out soon.

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