A new Maui Report is out. Some highlights include the dark mode toggle option for Android, styling cleanups, and UX interaction animations.


NX Software Center is a graphical front end to manage AppImage applications built using MauiKit.

The first version has been released, and Nitrux is shipping it.

For more information, you can check the new @Nitrux_NX release announcement:


The stable release scheduled just a few weeks away will be the last progress report listing essential changes. The following blog post will announce the stable release, including only necessary bug fixes to issues and regressions found in this short Beta stage.


Strike is a new and fun UX/UI experiment. How to make a mobile-ready IDE? That’s Strike, an IDE for CMake-based projects. Load a project from your Linux phone and just hit play to configure, build and deploy the app.

More info at nxos.org/maui/maui-monthly-rep.

Nota 2, the convergent text editor, now has a more compact user interface that doesn't get in the way.

Check out the new editor toolbars and more at nxos.org/maui/maui-monthly-rep.

For the upcoming Pix release, you will be able to browse your image collection by geolocation.

Check out more on the new Maui report blog post: nxos.org/maui/maui-monthly-rep.

More convergent apps built with MauiKit.

The Strike IDE is an integrated development environment for CMake-based projects.

Sol is a convergent web browser utilizing QtWebEngine.

A month ago, we had our 1.2.2 stable release, and since then, we have been working on getting everything ready for the next big release, 2.0.

Here we want to share some of the highlights coming to the next stable release.


Maui's next stable release will be available soon. You can find the latest Maui Apps on the PinePhone running Manjaro with Plasma Mobile, on desktops with Nitrux OS, and install the APKs on your Android devices.

New dark mode for Android and other goodies coming to 1.2.2. Beta packages will be avaliable soon.

A new Maui Weekly report is out. Some of the highlights are:

MauiKit framework split out.

New convergent controls and the apps get new features.


We are happy to share your testing packages and updates about the apps and framework in a new Maui Weekly blog post.

Please help us by reporting issues, bugs, or feature requests.


Maui Apps cover the basic utilities for the Linux phone: A file manager, a terminal emulator and a text editor.

Find **soon** the 1.2.0 packages for Linux AMD64, ARM64, Windows and Android, at the official Maui page.


We are happy to announce the second stable release of MauiKit and the Maui Apps.

Read more about the 1.2.0 stable release in the following post.


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