Maui Apps cover the basic utilities for the Linux phone: A file manager, a terminal emulator and a text editor.

Find **soon** the 1.2.0 packages for Linux AMD64, ARM64, Windows and Android, at the official Maui page.

@mauiproject congrats! Your work looks really great. Mobile Linux has a bright future at least from the software side!

@mauiproject Cool! While its basic for a Linux, I actually consider a phone app to be the most basic of all apps on a phone ;)

@mauiproject dang three utility apps for the needs I desperately tried to find good, open-source apps for! Thankfully I've seen this now and can look forward to it!

basic utilites for a phone should be something to make calls with and write and receive text messages

@mauiproject I read Miui and I was like: WTF? Why am I reading about Miui here? 😂

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