The new progress report is out.
Read about the development progress of the Maui Project: New and updated controls, improved apps, style, platforms support, and upcoming and testing features.


Just a suggestion: start your write ups with a one sentence, straight description of what your project is about. Provide a link for more info.

Yeah, it took me a bit of digging to figure out that Maui is from KDE, and NXOS is a distro outside of KDE. Or at least I think so. Also Maui may or may not also be a phone OS? And it also runs on Windows and Mac? What is it? I'm vaguely excited.

If that's a future version of Dolphin, it looks nice and I like that panes are shown like tabs, that'll make it more obvious which close button does what. Also the terminal being just in that pane is good? Probably good.

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